Faggots Failures

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Faggot's Failures

SIR, here is an itemized list of faggot's failures so SIR can determine the proper punishment SIR!


  • Failure to deliver videos as requested by SIR. At least 3 occurrences SIR.
  • Delivery of videos to SIR after significant delay(s). At least 3 occurrences SIR.
  • Failure to complete playspace (garage task) in a timely manner. At least 4 month delay SIR.
  • Failure to maintain faggots body in a fit/athletic state that is pleasing to SIR.
  • Failure to find an additional sub/fag to service SIR as requested. This is an ongoing and repeated failure on faggot's part SIR.
  • Removal of chastity device without SIR's permission. Two occurrences SIR.
  • Failure to make faggot available to SIR when SIR requests it. At least 4 occurrences SIR.
  • Failure to acquire a location for SIR to use when training faggot that is closer to and more convenient for SIR.
  • Failure to receive training or punishment of the type and/or intensity desired by SIR - without resistance or complaint. Too man occurrences to count SIR.
  • Failure to lick up, or swallow faggots cum load - multiple occurrences SIR.
  • General lack of demonstrated acceptance of faggots role and place at the very bottom of the food chain SIR.
  • Inability of faggot to deliver on faggots word - repeatedly SIR.

SIR, being that boy is a worthless, and useless faggot, SIR is likely to find omissions and discrepancies in the list above SIR.  boy accepts any and all modifications to this list as SIR sees fit - without hesitation, resistance, or protest SIR.

boy hopes SIR finds this list useful in preparing boi's punishment which boi will receive without complaint SIR.

SIR, thank you for your time and consideration SIR.



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