Beer, piss, electro and more…

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A few nights ago, I met up with my buddy RuffTop . He is a dom top that I have known for years. We are friends and fuck buddies. We had not played in quite some time, and it was time for a good session. He started out working my nipples, as well as some ball squeezing and beating. This is a typical warm-up and it always makes me rock hard.

For some time I have been thinking about a little game of chance that would direct the torture I was to receive. We decided to try it out. I call it “The Pain Game”, and I will go over in how it works in another post. We played several rounds, which resulted in significant beatings to my balls and ass with various instruments – hands, paddles, crops, and others. We played hard for a couple of hours, and then decided it was time for a break and some brews.

We decided to go to a local ice house just a couple of blocks away, but we didn’t want to stop the hot play completely, so we came up with a plan. First, I knelt in the bathtub and was covered in his piss, and a butt plug was inserted into my ass. To finish me off, a heavy 20oz ball weight was screwed to my balls. I was all geared up, so I dressed, and we walked to the ice house. I was wearing a jock strap and loose shorts so I was somewhat afraid the plug would come out, right there on the sidewalk in front of all the people driving on the busy street. During the walk I made several false stops to “tie my shoe” which allowed me to basically kneel and “sit” on my other shoe, using the heel to insure the plug was still fully inserted. He laughed at me the whole way.

The ice house is mostly straight folks, but there are often a few members of “family” there. On this night there were several hot gay guys there, and we enjoyed the eye candy. We sat almost as far from the bar as possible, and as each new round was needed, I was sent to walk to get them…the plug massaging my hole and the weight tugging on my balls! It was totally hot being geared up and covered in piss in public.

After three or four beers, we decided to head back to the house. We played a few more rounds of The Pain Game – more ball, ass, and nipple work, I serviced his cock, and then he decided to get out the electro gear. I was bound in rope around my torso, knees, and ankles, and laid on the bed. First the sticky pads were attached to my cock and balls, in various configurations, and many different options on the unit were tested for my reaction. Some resulted in low moans while others in violent screams of pain. The louder I screamed, the more he enjoyed it, the more juice he gave me, the louder I screamed…you get the idea. He then inserted the electro butt plug in my ass. If you have never tried this, you should. Every person I have seen this done to grins from ear to ear the entire time! Again, various settings and intensities were tried, and all of the electrical outputs were rearranged several times. My reactions continued to range from low moans to heavy screams. We both loved it!

Eventually I was released, and forced to suck his nipples and balls while he jacked off. I was sent home and was not allowed to cum. More about that in another post, at another time.

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