Guest Post – Raped by my boyfriend ! :)

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This is a guest post written by Butyboi69 on GearFetish. He wrote a shorter account of this experience and I thought it was hot, so I asked him to elaborate a little more to post here.

Imagine coming home to a man that is a hopeless romantic and a sweet heart to the infinite degree. Sex was not sex or fucking, but making love each and every time. It is amazing what everyone wants, right? Well sometimes we all want a little more. I recently found this to become all too real.

My boyfriend and I went out with some friends for an enjoyable night out. However, he ended up getting pissed because other guys were flirting with me all night and he decided we were leaving to go back to his place. As usual, I went to go take a shower and when I got out he was naked in the living room. In route to turn off the living room lights he grabbed me by my neck and bent me over and held me face first in a pillow – spread my legs with his foot – spit on my hole and shoved his cock in. He fucked the living day lights out of me. He pulled my hair to raise my head up, put his hand on the front of my neck and squeezed – shoved his sweaty boxers in my mouth when he pulled my arms behind my back, pounded even harder, squeezed ever harder, pulled as hard as can be on my balls, and fucked me faster until he shot his load in me. He let go of me and I began to collapse, he pulled out, and smacked my ass harder than he ever had before…I couldn’t move. I didn’t know he had it in him.

He showered and went to bed and I just stayed there. About 20 minutes later I finally dealt with the fact that my boyfriend just raped me. I showered again and went to go to bed. As I climbed in, he said I was to sleep between his legs with my face and mouth near his cock, so I did He woke me shoving his cock in my mouth and fucking my throat until he shot his always huge load down my throat. He was perfect! The best of both worlds!

Since then our sex was sometimes romantic and sometimes rough. I made him go out more so he would get pissed and we would have rough sex more often!

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