Hot hotel session!

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It was about a 1 mile walk to his hotel, but I was determined not to be late. I was beginning to sweat but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was worked up with anticipation, or if it was just warm out. Either way, I didn’t care.

I arrived at the hotel with only a couple of minutes to spare. It was a nice, boutique hotel. It wasn’t what I expected. I made my way to the 9th floor and found 917. I knocked. I was exactly on time. As soon as I knocked, a slip of paper slid out from under the door. “Strip” was all it said. I looked up and down the hallway and didn’t see anyone, but I wasn’t about to turn back now anyway. I stripped down to my jock and held my clothes and boots in my arms. Another note: “All the way.” Again I looked down the hallway. It was empty. I removed the jock and held it with my other clothes. I was naked in the hallway of a nice hotel in a major US city. Jail was not in my plans, but I was definitely hard.

After what seemed like forever, another note arrived: “Put your clothes in the bag.” All I could think of is ‘what freaking bag?’ but then it appeared from under the door. By now I had been almost naked in the hallway for probably 3 or 4 minutes. Not very long in the scheme of things, but it seemed like a very long time to the naked version of me standing there. A few moments later a folded black piece of material emerged from under the door. Before I could get it, another note: “Put it on.” After unfolding it, I discovered it was a spandex hood with a large mouth opening. It took a minute to figure out the geometry, but I got it on and stood waiting. Just as I hear the elevator ding down the hallway, the room door opened and I was lead inside.

My hands were tied tightly behind my back and I was forced to my knees. I could hear him walking around me in circles. He must have circled me at least five times before he bent me over so my face was against the floor. “It’s now 3:04. You’re late!” Before I could reply his paddle struck my ass 4 times in quick succession, each harder than the last. Before I could thank Master for the swats I felt three more series of four swats each. Each series harder than the last. I was sure my ass would be bruised.

I felt rope being tied around my balls and then stretched across the room and attached to something. Apparently the rope was pretty long because as he stood over me, he was able to pull on the rope and pull my balls. He put his booted foot at the base of my head and jerked the rope hard. Both my balls, and my head hurt from the pressure. He pulled the rope tight, and then I heard and felt the impact of what must have been a riding crop against my stretched balls.

“Remind me how late you were again fagot.” he said. I replied “Four minutes SIR.” “Four minutes might be a little generous boy – so we will agree on five. That’s how long I’m going to punish you for being late boy.” “YES SIR” was all I could get out. He started randomly using the crop on my stretched balls, my ass, legs, back and feet. Probably about a minute into it, he paused and told me to stop making noise, and that if I made another noise he would gag me, and we would start over. For what seemed like forever, he used the crop on my naked body. I worked very hard to remain quiet even though his strikes were getting harder and were definitely going to leave bruises. Eventually he stopped and released the pressure on my balls. I had not been there 10 minutes and I could tell I would be feeling this session for days to come.

He strapped a leather harness on me – apparently so he could move my body where he wanted it more effectively. As soon as he was satisfied with the fit, he jerked me up off my knees. He drug me a little across the room and sat me on the floor, back against the wall. He pulled the rope around my balls tight and stood in front of me. “Open.” he said, but I had not understood him. He slapped my face and said “I told you to open your mouth fagot.” I did. He placed his hand on my head and shoved his rock hard cock into my mouth, pressing my head more firmly against the wall as he thrust his cock into my throat, and jerked on my balls.

When he was done, he pulled me up and sat me in a chair. He tied up – legs spread, feet behind me and hands tied behind the chair. It wasn’t the ideal chair for tying someone to, but I have to admit, he did an expert job. I couldn’t move. He moved across the room, pulled the rope on my balls tight and tied it off. He returned and gagged me with a washcloth and some duct tape. He used extra tape. Helplessly tied to a chair, balls stretched, and unable to call for help. I was right where I wanted to be!

He attached some nipple clamps and let me sit there for a while. Occasionally he would use the crop on my balls which rested firmly against the bottom of the chair, or he would jerk on the clamps. My nipples and balls are directly wired to my cock. Needless to say, I was extremely hard

He removed the gag, and untied me from the chair. He grabbed the harness in the middle of my chest and stood me up. He lead me to the couch in the room and had me kneel on it, knees spread, head resting on the back. I could hear him opening a condom and squirting lube on his cock, and then I felt the cold lube hit my ass. I felt the pressure of his cock against my hole, and the next thing I knew he was deep inside me. His cock was huge and I let out a scream. He jerked HARD the rope that was still tied to my balls and said “Shut the fuck up boy. One more sound out of you and I’ll tie you up and leave you naked in the hallway.” Needless to say, I did what I could to stay as quiet as possible.

As he fucked me, he kept tension on my balls, and with each thrust of his hips, my balls were stretched even further. I couldn’t focus on either my balls or my ass because they both hurt! After a long, deep fucking, I could hear him shooting his load. He pulled out and snapped the condom off. He dumped his load on my back and rubbed it in.

>He caught his breath, stood me up and removed the rope from my balls and the harness from my chest. He lead me across the room and I heard him open the door. He must have been looking out into the hallway. He lead me into the hallway, pressed me against the wall opposite his door, jerked off the hood and returned to his room closing the door.

After being in the hood for a while I couldn’t see anything at all. When my eyes finally adjusted, I noticed the bag of my clothes in the middle of the hallway. I quickly dressed as best I could and made my way to the elevator. It had been good to see my old friend again – even though we didn’t get to catch up. Hopefully I’ll see him again soon!

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