Jocks for swap. :P

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For me, a dirty crotch is better than poppers any day. I just love to bury my face in a guys crotch and smell the sweat on his balls and pubes. Since it’s not easy for me to sniff your pig crotches, how about the next best thing – swapping dirty jocks? Here are some pics of some jocks I have for swap. E-mail me and let me know what you have to trade for them. This is a well-worn, and heavily “personalized” jock.

This is my ass in the same jock! Anyone want to fuck me in this?

Same jock, close up of the front.
This jock is loaded with loads of…well,
you figure it out. Let’s just say is smells GREAT!
A fresh load in the same jock.

I have lots more jocks I am willing to trade. They range from just sweaty, to loads of piss and/or cum as well.

If you’re interested in swapping, e-mail me and let’s talk!


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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I am game to trade with both of you!

  2. exarmy_jon

    would love to share some piss stained jocks with ya mate….