A little about me….

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I am a gay male onto the heavy kink/fetish scene. My interests range from aggressive sex to heavy bondage, discipline, role play, and kink – including spankings, extreme ball torture, tit torture, water sports, and more. My “trademark” definitely has to be my ability to take extreme ball beatings. My overall attitude is: wild and kinky, but always safe and sane.

I have been in the fetish scene for about 15 years, with most of that being as a submissive bottom. Recently however, I started exploring a lot more of my dominate top interests and have lots of wicked things in mind for any willing submissive.

Overall, I’ll do my best to keep postings here limited to my fetish/bdsm/sexual experiences because I am sure, that’s what you’re most interested in. Hopefully you’ll find these tales interesting.

Please send me your comments, as that will help drive content. I also love to hear from other guys into the scene. I also welcome new twisted ideas…so please send them my way!

For the full blog visit http://shaved2thebone.blogspot.com