Sunday, Jan 24th – Underwear Night!

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Some of you boys wanted to see some underwear, so that’s what we did back on the 24th …and yes we did other things also. Had a great time with you boys tonight! Here are some pics!

See you next Sunday.

Diesel – not my favorite pair.

2(x)-ist – I swapped a used jock strap with a HOT guy for these.
Hope to see him again soon!
Ginch Gonch – These used to be my favorites because of the little piggies. Why didn’t anyone tell me they look like “Grannie panties” on?
Diesel – These just might be my current “favorite” pair.

Andrew Christian – Mmm..these are pretty hot too.

So leave me some messages guys. Let me know which pair you would want to find me wearing on a date with you!

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2 Responses

  1. Gunkod

    Hey Shaved…totally love the Army underwear…really sexy. You look great in them.

  2. KJoel1961

    Great underwear show tonight. I thinks the Ginch were the best, but Damn, those Anderws “Army” square cuts were hot!