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Well guys, we had a blast on Sunday night.  Here are a bunch of pics of what all the nasty pervs that joined got to see.  Sorry, we didn’t get any “rocket” photos, but that was fun too!
Since the theme of the night was shaving, I got right to business.  First, a couple of “before” shots 
It had been a couple of weeks since the last shave, so I was only looking a little rough. 

A little water, a fresh razor, and some shaving cream – time to get to business.


Shaving cream feels nice.  Shaving cream feels REALLY fucking nice!

As you can see, shaving turns me on.

After a couple of passes with the razor, and some “fun” time, this is the end result:


Now that the shaving is done, I am horny as hell, so time to “take care of business” if you know what I mean.  Here are some shots of the action after the shave.  If you missed it, I hope you’ll catch me another time!

THANKS to all you nasty perverts for making it fun.  
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See you next Sunday!


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