The Spank Off!

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During my recent travels within the US, I happened to stumble upon a Saturday afternoon Spanking Party.  It was held in one of the local bars, in a private area reserved only for the party.  There were probably about 20 guys there when I arrived.  It didn’t take long for the spanking to begin.

It started with some “pants on” spanking, and eventually a brave sole dropped his pants for an underwear spanking. After a while, there were several spankings happening at once – one on the “stage”, and a couple spread around the room.  All in all, it was pretty tame.  I mean, nobody was going home with any bruises on their ass.

I spent the early part of the party talking with the locals, and “talking up” a couple of locals I had my eye on.  One of them was a “Spanker” and the other a “Spankee”.  We talked about spanking, and had a few beers.  After a while, I had enough of the lame spankings I was seeing, so I challenged the spankee to a spank off.

The rules were simple. We would both strip down to our jocks, and bend over the spanking bench.  The spankers got to pick which of us they started with, but each of us would get the same number of hits, with the same “tool” and the spanker would do their best to match the intensity of the swats.  The first boy to cry for mercy, lost.

As word got around about what we were going to do, we had two other spankers sign up.  They were allowed to go first.  We were spanked with a variety of paddles and whips for about 20 minutes.  While he put up a good effort, my fellow spankee called mercy first.  I had to match his spanking in order to be declared the winner, and to show some good faith, even took an additional 10 swats.

As the party wrapped up, the three of us left for some more fun.   But that is a different story.

That’s me on the left, and my buddy on the right.

Until next time…

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