Birthdays are for SPANKING!

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I had a request from a reader to include a spanking scene if I had it. While I have experienced many spankings in the past, this request came in about the same time as my birthday, so this was a perfect opportunity to shoot some photos and tell a spanking story! It’s great having good friends that give you spankings on your birthday!

Before the ceremonial birthday spanking began, my ass was warmed up with a thorough hand spanking. This included a couple of rounds while standing, as well as some traditional over-the-knee. These were hard enough that the spanker’s hands hurt – I think maybe even more than my ass did. It was a hot warm-up though.

A series of paddles was used. The first paddle was a small wooden paddle. Because of the small paddle size, each cheek received one swat to equal a count of one, so basically there were 20 swats to equal a count of 10. The small size of this paddle, and the smooth surface produced quite a sting.

The second paddle was a PVC paddle. Swats here just like the small paddle above. This paddle did not produce a sting as severe as the wooden paddle before it.

Paddle three is the leather strap. This paddle was back to a traditional count of one for each swat since both cheeks were covered. It is the very end of this implement that produces the most sting.
The fourth paddle was the clear acrylic one. Like its wooden cousin, the extremely smooth surface produces quite a sting. The overall impact of this paddle was quite effective.

The final paddle was the slender steel model. This is by far the most intense paddle of them all. The sting is extreme. We were both so excited about this paddle, we forgot to take the photo of it. This paddle rounded out the full count. A little later on, additional swats were applied with this paddle – for good measure.
Now I know some of you boys are going to tell me that I’m a pussy and that my ass is not nearly as torn up as it needed to be – but I will tell you this hurt like hell, and my butt was sore for several days afterwards.

Next year, we’ll do it again, plus one.

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