The CB6000 – the countdown begins.

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I have a buddy that I fuck around with on a somewhat regular basis.  He’s into most of the same kinky stuff I am, and we have a great time playing together when we can.  He’s smoking hot, has a nice big cock, and a delicious sweet ass!

Several days ago, he sent me a text and told me he had a hot top guy that wanted to use us both. “My bud loves the idea of two piss whores lapping up his stream!” he tells me.  Damn, I am hard just thinking about it.  We left the conversation as a “things to do”, and honestly, I pretty much forgot all about it.

Fast forward to today.  My buddy sends me a new text and says he’s talked to this top some more.  They have decided they want to “spit roast” me.  Boing. Instant boner.  I mean, young, hung, piss top that’s going to tag-team me with my hot, hung buddy!  I can hardly wait.

In chatting with my buddy about it, we came to the conclusion that I need to lock on my CB6000 chastity device today, and wear it until we meet this top almost 11 days from now.  I should be so wound up by then I can hardly stand it.

Before locking the device on, I need to shave.  Afterwards, I’ll take some pics and post them here.  Then, over the next 10 days or so, I’ll write regularly about the experience of wearing the CB6000 and the anticipation of the hot scene we have set up.

Check back for the story in progress.


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