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This is an account of an experience I had in June 2002. This article appeared in Bound & Gagged magazine, September 2002 #90. After the session, the dom and I talked and decided it would make a good story for B&G so I wrote it up, he approved it, and we submitted it along with photos.

I was helpless – blindfolded, nearly naked, and suspended by the steel cage locked securely around my head. It was exactly where he wanted me. Master was very clear in his instructions, and I had followed them exactly.

I arrived promptly at 3:00 p.m. – not early, and certainly not late. I knocked loudly on the door, paused, then entered. The room was bare, except for a steel staircase leading to the second floor. There was a heavy slave collar, chained to the foot of the stairs – a perfect place for a new boy.

My instructions were just inside the door. I was to follow them completely. Make sure the door you just entered is locked. I turned the deadbolt. Strip naked except for your jock. I removed my clothing, folding it neatly in the corner. Under the stairwell you’ll find the head cage that you’re going to lock yourself into. Blindfold yourself before you put your face in it. Use the hex screw key to lock your head in the cage. When the cage is tightly locked on, drop the key to the floor so I know you’re secured and helpless. I read the note again, not wanting to miss a single detail. I retrieved the blindfold, and made my way to the head cage suspended under the stairwell. I examined the cage, blindfolded myself and secured the cage around my head. The cage was hung just high enough, so that I had to stand on my toes. I could tell there would be no slack from Master today. Once secure, I removed the key, held it in my hand, giving it a second thought. Once I drop that key, I drop my freedom. I’m secured, helpless and completely at the mercy of a master I had never met. My cock stirred. I dropped the key.

The sound of my breathing echoed in the empty room. Somehow, helpless, in the dark, the room seemed emptier. All I could do now is wait. I hoped that my new master would approve. If he didn’t, he might punish me, or worse, send me away. The sound of Master’s footsteps as he descended the metal stairs reverberated throughout the room. I would soon know my fate.

He approached me silently. I could sense his presence in front of me. His hands traveled across my chest, over my shoulders, down my back and over my bare butt. He spent what seemed like forever hand-inspecting my entire body. “Very nice boy.” where his first words. “Thank you, SIR.” I replied as he applied clamps to my nipples. My cock stirred again. He groped my cock through the jock, and slipped the jock to the floor.

He inspected my body again, this time with his entire body, not just his hands. He stood beside me, one hand on my ass, one on my crotch. He slapped my balls. I spread my legs and he slapped them again. He twisted the nipple clamps. He had found my “on” switch, but don’t think he realized it

My feet were shackled, and the head cage was removed. I was forced to my knees and my hands were cuffed behind my back. Master took the collar from the foot of the stairs, and locked it around my neck. It was heavy, maybe 10 or 15 pounds. Master held the heavy chain in his hands, and removed my blindfold.

For the first time, I saw my new master. He had incredible eyes. It was a moment or two before I noticed his other features. He was young, buzzed, well built, and dressed completely in black. His t-shirt fit snugly around his fit torsoe. His tight leather pants were snug around his thighs and calves. His pants had a removable codpiece that was sure to hide an incredible basket. He shoved my face into his crotch. The combined smell of leather and cock was incredible.

I was ordered to my feet and led upstairs. I took this to mean he was keeping me.

The upstairs contained a bed, a table and a couple of chairs. I was forced to my knees and my chain lock to the bed. More time with my face in Master’s crotch was in order. I savored every deep breath. My mouth worked Master’s cock through the soft leather. He unsnapped the codpiece and gave me full access to his incredible cock and balls. In no time his cock was fully erect and in the back of my throat. “Get comfortable, you’re going to be sucking cock for a while.” Master said. This would be the first of many intense cock-sucking sessions throughout the day and for each session, I would be bound or restrained in a different way.

Master removed my steel restraints, and demonstrated his expert rope tying techniques. My hands were bound tightly together in front of me and my arms were bound to my torsoe. “Show me what’s loose.” Master orders. I struggle to loosen the ropes, but nothing was loose. Master laughs in satisfaction. Again my mouth was used to service his incredible cock. His tight leather pants had a built in cockring and the only flesh exposed was his cock and balls. He pounded that leather into my nose again and again.

He peeled me away from his cock, and placed a gas mask over my head. He took his time adjusting the fit, then closed off the air hole momentarily. Master now had complete control of my breathing as well. The sensation of the gas mask was incredible – almost like a drug. Every time I get comfortable, Master closes off the air again. My cock is now rock hard.

The straight jacket meant Master was ready for some serious business. He took his time adjusting each strap, and making sure I was secure. Master coated my cock and balls with a rich jell and conductors were strapped to my balls and shaft. I knew what was coming. Master gagged me to keep me quiet. To my surprise, master greased his own cock up, and attached an identical pair of electrodes to his own meat. The controller was switched on. Master slowly increased the power until I could just feel the pulsing of the juice through my cock. The sensation was incredible. “I could drop you to your kneed right here, right now boy!” Master said, reminding me of who is in control. He slowly turned the power up, my cock pulsing harder and harder with each turn. He seemed to be enjoying the pulsing as much as I was. I begged for more. Master refused. I continued begging, but Master wasn’t about to give me more juice. The more I wanted it, the more he wasn’t going to give it to me. “No, I’ll give it to you when you are tied down and can’t move at all.”

After 10 or 15 minutes of pulsing electricity through my cock, Master removed the gear from my crotch. He forced me back to my knees for more cock sucking, then sat me in a sturdy wooden chair. The back of the straight jacket was secured to the chair, and my feet were tied off the floor and behind the chair. “Show me what’s loose!” he says. If course, nothing was. Master then reattached the electrodes to my cock. It seems, I was going to get more after all. The juice was turned on, and slowly increased until the pulsing in my cock was very powerful, just on the edge of painful. It was incredible. Master stood and shoved his thick cock down my throat. “I just love fucking your face, knowing that I’m juicing your balls.” he said. The sensation was incredible.

The electricity was switched off, and the gear removed from my cock. Master put his face close to mine. I could feel his breath on my face and neck. His mouth moved to my ear; “I never let a boy cum on the first visit” he wispers. Hi mouth touches mine. We share a long, deep, passionate kiss.

The ropes were released, and the straight jacket removed. I was told to wash up and be on my way. Master was done with me for the day. “Next time, we’ll get serious boy!”

Session two was written up, but never published. Maybe I’ll find it and post that next. If you enjoyed this post, please let others know!

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    I enjoyed this recounting of an s&m experience. It did not involve scenes of brutality but of calculated domination and control which when done properly can be the hottest encounter. Clearly there was some chemistry between Master and slave. I would like to know what became of the Master.

    The pics of the slave at strategic places throughout the article was very hot. It is a pity that a pic of the Master working over the boy was not included.

    Since the slave is into serious s&m and apparently has a high pain threshold, I would like to see him submit to a Whip Master where a singletail (signal whip, snake or bullwhip) is used on him.

    Additionally, I would like to see the slave used as a ponyboy by an Equestrian on all 4s with saddle and bridle. It is a narrow fetish but requires much courage and pain on the part of the ponyboy.

    The slave should consider having videos taken of his future encounters. it is a good way document what he has gone through.


  2. malleable

    That was a very hot story, and I can’t wait to read more…

  3. Rickyplayball

    Wow, when i met this hot top i thought i was going to cum right there and then.. he made me his sub cum slave and i loved it