The Solicitor….

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My buddy RuffTop has a garage apartment at this house. He usually rents it out, but when it is vacant, we often play up there. It’s a typical garage unit; living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bath. The unit has its own street number, and a front door that leads directly into the stairs.

One day, we were playing up there. It was a day with lots of bondage and ball torture. At one point, he had me “suspended” by the balls from the ceiling. This is a perfect position for him to then beat my nuts with a mallet. I just love that.

A little later in the session, he had me bent over and thoroughly bound to the banister above the stairwell (you can see it in the photo) so he could beat my ass. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. There, standing outside the door – the door with the huge, uncovered window and a clear view up the stairway to most of me, naked and bound – is a solicitor. We ignored the knock and kept on playing. They left their “literature” and walked away. Little did they know, I did not want to be “saved” that day. 🙂

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