Update on the CB6000 and the session

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So this was the first time I had put the CB6000 on since I got the Price Albert piercing, and what I discovered the hard way, was that the jewelry, even though it is smooth, it rubbed my dick the wrong way and pretty much rubbed it raw within a day.  So needless the say, the CB came off.  In its place, I wore the Gates of Hell – not as secure, but it basically kept me from jacking off until we played.

The session was hot.  The guys force-fed me cock and piss for several hours, and beat my balls until they were actually bruised.  I just love when that happens.  They fucked me repeatedly, pissed and came on me, and sent me on my way!

I wish we had taken photos, but we didn’t.  Maybe next time.

In the mean time, I have ordered different jewelry I will try in the PA to see if I can get the CB6000 to where I can wear it without rubbing my dick raw (and obviously creating an unsafe situation).

More to come pervs!


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